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Janitorial Services

We provide a number of quality janitorial services and supplies to the industry. The superior quality of our products and highly professional cleaning services in the state of Kuwait has generated a list of popular and prestigious clientele. We serve a number of American restaurants and other industries in Kuwait, such as TGI Friday's, Fuddruckers, Applebee’s, Movenpick, Marina Café and Safir Hotel to name a few. Apart from the aforementioned restaurants, the English School, the American Creativity Academy, the Honeywell Company, Red Cross, and the Conference Palace (at Bayan) are also part of GCC's prestigious list of clients. GCC has also provided its cleaning services to several local offices and establishments in the country.

Military Base Janitorial Services and Supplies

Gulf Civilization provides Quality cleaning services and supplies for US Military Camps throughout Kuwait. Certificates and Letters of Appreciation ensure us that we get the job done so you don’t have to.

Marble Crystallization

No polish, no grinding. In just a few minutes we extract the calcium from the marble to get the real marble finish shine. Try our Swiss System.

Stewart Cleaning

Our well trained staff is the best in the region through our experience cleaning most of the American restaurants in Kuwait. We maintain your equipment for easy operation, fire prevention and so it will always look new and uphold our high standards.

House Keeping

Among our services, we provide cleaning for carpets, sofas, chandeliers and crystal lamps.

General Janitorial Services

Our services extend to contracting with schools, military camps, show rooms, offices and more.

Cleaning Crew

Cleaning Crew

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Housing Staff

cleaning crew

Cleaning Crew