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Contracting and Maintenance

The site will serve as the headquarters in providing logistical and maintenance support to government and commercial customers in the Kuwait, Iraq theatres. Our logistics and maintenance services will be tailored to the customer's needs and deliver continuous service/cost improvement. Currently, we will offer the following support services.

Support Services

Supply and Preventative maintenance for refrigerated vans, trucks, trailers, heavy equipment, generators, HVAC, etc

All heavy maintenance required on the fleet and material handling equipment

Customer service support (spare parts, technical support, and maintenance support)

Over the road emergency services and recovery for all types and sizes of equipment

Leasing/renting services

On-site mobile maintenance services

Heavy equipment hauling and recovery services

Construction and engineering services

Hazardous waste disposal services

Tire repair shop

Mobile machine shop

Hydraulic services

Military housing supplies - pillows, mattresses, metal bunk beds

Cable and wire

Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment and Construction

Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Machine Shop